Project Date: 2015

Gross Area: 27.420 m2

Elevation: 30,4 m A.G.


The project, located in Blasieholmen, responds to the need for the home of the Nobel Foundation. According to the brief, "The Nobel Center should be characterized by openness" and should satisfy the needs of a program that includes: entrance hall, visitor area, shop, back office, library, auditorium, conference rooms, meeting rooms, restaurant and café, offices/administration, workshops, permanent and temporary exhibition spaces, as well as loading and storage spaces.

The focus of the project's design was centered on the idea of public space and how its limits could be dimmed. Furthermore, the aim was to maintain a low visual impact taking into account the views from the surrounding areas. In order to achieve this, the building's main volume was compressed into a flat and longitudinal plinth and placed parallel to the Nationalmuseum, creating a public plaza in between. This stereotomic plinth is then carved with three main voids that are embraced by the building's peripheral program and which act as an intermediary between public and private spaces. The central void is carved into a continuation of the plaza through the building's main entrance and layered into a series of platforms and stairs that culminate in the building's upper terrace. Finally, the two remaining voids are covered by glazed tectonic structures that allow for complete natural illumination of their interiors.