Project Date: 2012

Gross Area: 71.000 m2

Elevation: 250 m A.G.


The project responds to a triple-zero high-rise brief and therefore generates enough renewable energy to exceed its consumption of non-renewable resources. In order to achieve this, the building is placed and oriented to maximize sun reception and covered with a ventilated double facade that incorporates solar cells, summing a total of 4,374 m2.

The building’s structure is composed of a central rectangular core with peripheral columns and includes transfer trusses at each mechanical level. Furthermore, two outrigger truss levels are located at one third (71 m) and two thirds (159 m) of the building’s height, housing exterior elevated parks and community spaces. This division creates three separate vertical blocks that compose the building's elevation and contain the residential uses. Each apartment level is created by a combination of three different modules, having each a double height variant. The inclusion of a double height module at specific points reflects the height difference in the exterior glazing and creates an interruption of the facade's vertical modulation, resulting in a visual rhythm that runs through the entire building.


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