Project Date: 2009

Gross Area: 24.900 m2

Elevation: 17,5 m A.G.


The project responds to the brief of a social housing promotion located in the Puente de Vallecas district in Madrid. The project site is located in the limits of the urban plot, against the Méndez Álvaro train tracks. The building has the form of a straight and flat bar, with the exception of three punctual openings (6,7m x 10m) located at the axes of the perpendicular streets. By doing this, the views from these streets remain uninterrupted while allowing for the creation of elevated exterior spaces for the inhabitants of the building. These spaces are cantilevered towards the east, creating a facade with volumetric depth that dialogues with the surrounding buildings. On the other hand, the west facade reacts to the scale and velocity of the train infrastructure by remaining flat and homogeneous.

The design of the housing module is based on the idea of the insertion of a cube inside another cube. The inner cube houses all the private uses, locating the circulations and living room to the space between both cubes. The outer cube, the container, has two glass facades: east and west. Inside the rooms, the false ceiling above the bed is lowered 40 centimeters (additional to those included in the spacing between cubes) in order to compress the resting space. These spaces count with the possibility of a direct connection and expansion to the hall through a series of sliding doors. Inside the inner cube, the bathroom and kitchen cores are located on the east side, allowing westward views from the bedrooms and living room. The 60 square meters module consists of two rooms, kitchen, bathroom and living room. In the case of the 90 square meters module, it expands to three rooms (one of them open to a bathroom), two bathrooms, kitchen, and living room.


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